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FESI's Corporate Sponsorship Programme

FESI's sponsors are key in helping to shape the future of engineering structural integrity

Why sponsor FESI?

FESI's Corporate Sponsors are key to the dissemination of information on Engineering Structural Integrity (ESI) and in raising awareness of the critical role played by ESI in so many industry sectors. FESI is a not-for-profit organisation registered with Companies House, and without the generosity of volunteers and its Corporate Sponsors, FESI would be unable to continue its expanding and diverse programme of work which influences, inspires, and informs the UK and international ESI communities and their stakeholders.

ESI technologies and best practice have significant value in enhancing the safe operation of engineering plant, structures and components. Thus, ESI has the capacity to affect everyone; no one is exempt from the potential damage that can be inflicted by improperly maintained, monitored or operated plant. This fact alone makes it imperative that FESI should continue to work with industrial, academic, professional and regulatory organisations to assure engineering structural integrity in the UK and, ultimately, globally.

FESI represents the UK's ESI interests in Europe through ESIS - European Structural Integrity Society, and retains a nominee on the ESIS Management Committee.

The benefits of being a FESI Corporate Sponsor

All FESI's Corporate Sponsors receive a sponsorship package which includes an annual membership certificate confirming their support for FESI.

Other benefits of Corporate Sponsorship are:

  • Directing which topics should feature in our list of forthcoming CPD Workshops and the level at which they should be set
  • Having access to a network of experts who are providing scientific and technical leadership in Structural Integrity
  • The ability to hear directly about the recent advances in the science and technology of Structural Integrity
  • The opportunity to meet potential new recruits to industry currently working at universities
  • Low cost visibility in the community Opportunities for technology transfer which qualify as Continuous Professional Development

Your Corporate Membership package includes:

  • Being a member of the FESI Governing Council Free advertising on-line,and in the FESI Bulletin to its three thousand readearship of professional engineers
  • Your logo and name in all FESI training proceedings/workbooks including the FESI Bulletin
  • Your logo and name in all FESI promotional literature and on the FESI website
  • The right to use the FESI logo and display a Certification of Sponsorship
  • A 10% discount on all member company delegates attending FESI meetings or seminar/workshops or conferences
  • A 20% discount on exhibition space at FESI conferences
  • 15% discount on EMAS Publishing publications (www.emas.co.uk), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of FESI, a not-for-profit organisation
  • 2 free individual named memberships to ESIS.

How your organisation can become a FESI Corporate Sponsor

From as little as £950 pa (+VAT) your organisation will receive all the above benefits and more, by aligning it with other leading players in the field of ESI, offering low-cost visibility in the marketplace, and affording potential for the expansion of your technical and commercial portfolios through first-hand identification of relevant opportunities.

For further information and to discuss how your organisation can join other forward-thinking and responsible companies by becoming a FESI Corporate Sponsor, please contact Poul Gosney, CEO, FESI. T: +44 (0) 1 925 843429 E: fesi@fesi.org.uk

FESI thanks its Corporate Sponsors 
and gratefully acknowledges their continuing, vital support

FESI's current Corporate Sponsors are: Atkins, Centrica Energy, Cranfield University, EDF Energy (UK), ESR Technology, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Magnox, Metallurgical Consulting Services (MCS Ltd) of Canada, National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Rolls-Royce, TWI, AMEC, University of Bristol, University of Manchester Dalton Nuclear Institute, O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc; Design Unit, Newcastle University; DDEM, Open University, Coventry University, Penspen, University of Sheffield, Sellafield Ltd, Horizon Nuclear Energy, Natioinal Nuclear Laboratory, HBMnCode, DNV,
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Health & Safety Laboratories (HSL) support FESI's aims and activities